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Artemis 81




Gideon Harlax, a successful young novelist of the paranormal and supernatural, has found some exciting material for his new book: a Pagan Statue stolen from a Danish museum has lead to the deaths of passengers on a North Sea Ferry. As Gideon writes, coldly detached from the human tragedy of his story, angry powers from Man's ancient past are gathering. The forces of good and evil are preparing to battle to the end - dragging Gideon into a struggle that threatens the survival of the Planet...

British release date: December 29, 1981

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Artemis 81

Main Cast

  • Gideon Harlax
  • La femme du Pasteur
  • Libraire scolaire
  • Asrael
  • Etudiant de la bibliothèque
  • Magog
  • Pasteur
  • Dr. Albrecht Von Drachenfels
  • Hitchcock Blonde
  • Sonia
  • Jed Thaxter
  • Gwen Meredith
  • Tristam Guise
  • Helith
  • Le fils du Pasteur


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