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The Sender




In 1965, an America fighter squadron encountered a spaceship while flying over the Bermuda Triangle. When one of the fighters is shot down, the others agree to keep it a secret. But years later, strange occurrences start happening around the son of the missing pilot and his family-especially his daughter, who has incredible "sending" powers! When government agents kidnap her, all bets are off. What is the government trying to keep secret?

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French poster from the movie The Sender

Main Cast

  • Dallas Grayson
  • Colonel Rosewater
  • Ron Fairfax
  • Gina Fairfax
  • Lockwood
  • Angel
  • Jack Grayson
  • Barry Stoop
  • Lisa Grayson
  • Technicen labo
  • Castille
  • Nick
  • Max
  • Sergent York
  • Jeune Dallas


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