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When NASA executive director, Dan Truman realizes the Earth has 18 days before it is obliterated by a meteor, the size of Texas, he has only one option - land a ragtag team of rough neck oil drillers on the asteroid and drop a nuclear warhead onto it's core... » Get more informations…

British release date: August 07, 1998
Us release date: July 01, 1998

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Us poster from the movie Armageddon

Main Cast

  • Harry Stamper
  • Dan Truman
  • A.J. Frost
  • Grace Stamper
  • Chick
  • Rockhound
  • Colonel Willie Sharp
  • Oscar Choi
  • Bear
  • Lev Andropov
  • Max
  • Co-Pilote Jennifer Watts
  • Général Kimsey
  • Directeur de vol Clark
  • Ronald Quincy



$140 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$554 600 000

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