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On the Comet




The approach of a comet has for consequences to extract a part of North Africa from Earth to deep space. On this new drifting territory Hector Servadac, a young French soldier, attempts to convince the yesterday enemies to ally against the news space perils around. While this small world is organising itself, a horde of dinosaurs bolt from the desert…

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Czechoslovakian release date: October 09, 1970

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Us poster from the movie On the Comet (Na komete)

Main Cast

  • Porucík Servadac
  • Angelika
  • plukovník Picard
  • Spanelský konzul
  • kapitán Lacoste
  • Luigi
  • Koloniální voják
  • Tanecnice v kavárne
  • Unesený námorník
  • Angelika (voice)
  • Kaprál Ben
  • Námorník
  • Hikmet
  • Turecký voják
  • Velitel dela


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Also Known As

  • Archa pana Servadaca (cs)
  • Hector Servadac's Ark (inc)

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