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Earth vs. the Spider




While searching for her lost dad in a big cavern, Carol (June Kenney) and her friend Mike (Eugene Persson), accidentally find a scientific marvel in the form of a HUGE spider. Little do they know that this spider may soon choose to leave its huge silk web in the dark cavern, and start on a venture to taking over the nearby community of people. If that happens, it will probably take more than gun shots or bug spray to get rid of this terrorizing creature...

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Us poster from the movie Earth vs. the Spider

Main Cast

  • Professeur Art Kingman
  • Carol Flynn
  • Mike Simpson
  • Shérif Cagle
  • Mr. Simpson
  • Mrs. Jack Flynn
  • Sam Haskel, contremaître
  • Mrs. Helen Kingman
  • Joe
  • Sam le joueur de basse
  • Jake
  • Shériff Adjoint Pete Sander
  • Hugo Concierge
  • Mr. Fraser, Professeur du Ca
  • Contrôleur Springdale Pest

Also Known As

  • Earth vs. the Giant Spider (inc)
  • The Spider (us)

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