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During an expedition in the amazonian forest, a photograph is bitten by a spider whose venom provokes him immediate death. The beast insinuates slyly in the coffin of fortune of the victim repatriated at Canaima, a little city of the United States. It finds refuge in the unoccupied barn of a house recently bought by Ross Jennings, the new doctor of Canaima, come to breath fresh air with its family. The Venezuelan spider soon couples with the local arachnids giving birth to a cloud af small monsters that inherit the mortal and bellicose characteristics of their mother. While a series of death besmirches the peaceful tranquillity of the city, Jennings begins to suspect an arachnid invasion…

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British release date: January 04, 1991
Us release date: July 18, 1990

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Us poster from the movie Arachnophobia

Main Cast

  • Dr. Ross Jennings
  • Molly Jennings
  • Delbert McClintock
  • Docteur James Atherton
  • Sheriff Lloyd Parsons
  • Chris Collins
  • Jerry Manley
  • Docteur Sam Metcalf
  • Henry Beechwood
  • Milton Briggs
  • Irv Kendall
  • Blaire Kendall
  • Margaret Hollins
  • Tommy Jennings
  • Shelley Jennings

Also Known As

  • Арахнофобия: Боязнь пауков (inc)

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