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Eight Legged Freaks



Eight Legged Freaks

(Eight Legged Freaks)
A movie directed by Ellory Elkayem
2002 - 99 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 2.35 : 1
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What do you get when you cross toxic waste with a bunch of exotic spiders? Eaten. As every fan of classic spine-tinglers knows, given the opportunity and the right chemical enhancement, arachnids will grow to humongous size and wreak havoc upon humanity. In "Eight Legged Freaks" the residents of a rural mining town discover that an unfortunate chemical spill has caused hundreds of little spiders to mutate overnight to the size of SUVs. And they're hungry. When the alarm is sounded, it is up to mining engineer Chris McCormack and Sheriff Sam Parker to mobilize an eclectic group of townspeople, including the Sheriff's young son, Mike, her daughter, Ashley and paranoid radio announcer Harlan, into battle against the bloodthirsty eight-legged beasts... » Get more informations…

British release date: August 09, 2002
Us release date: July 17, 2002

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Us poster from the movie Eight Legged Freaks

Main Cast

  • Chris McCormick
  • Sheriff Samantha Parker
  • Mike Parker
  • Ashley Parker
  • Harlan Griffith
  • Deputy Pete Willis
  • Wade
  • Bret
  • Leon
  • Gladys
  • Randy
  • Larry
  • Emma
  • Amos
  • Floyd

Also Known As

  • Arac Attack (us)

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