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Meet Dave




It's not that he's clumsy, shy or dressed for disco that makes Dave Ming Chang (Eddie Murphy) stand out from everyone else in New York City. It's that he's an alien! More accurately, he's an alien ship, on a mission to Earth to save his home planet. Torn between the voices in his head - a tiny alien crew led by a high-strung, miniature version of himself - and the world around him, Dave struggles to appear normal. But when he falls for an Earth woman, the consequences are hilarious in this "cleverly conceived... comedy" with "plenty of laughs for all ages." (Urban Cinefile)

British release date: July 18, 2008
Us release date: July 11, 2008

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Us poster from the movie Meet Dave

Main Cast

  • Dave / Capitaine
  • Gina Morrison
  • No. 3 - Cultural Officer
  • Dooley
  • No. 2 - 2nd In Command
  • No. 17
  • Knox
  • No. 4 - Security Officer
  • Engineer
  • Mark
  • Docteur
  • Josh Morrison
  • No. 35
  • Lieutenant Right Arm
  • Lieutenant Left Arm

Also Known As

  • Starship Dave (us)

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