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A Boy and His Dog




The exploits of a young man and his telepathic dog in the year 2024 as they struggle to survive in a post-atomic wilderness. World War Four has ravaged Earth, and its survivors must battle for food, shelter, and companionship in the desert-like wasteland. As Vic and his dog Blood eke out a meager existence foraging for food and fighting gangs of cutthroats, a beautiful young woman lures Vic into a bizarre underground city, where he is to be used against his will to impregnate dozens of young ladies!

Us release date: November 14, 1975

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Us poster from the movie A Boy and His Dog

Main Cast

  • Vic
  • Quilla June Holmes
  • Lou Craddock
  • Blood (voix)
  • Docteur Moore
  • Mez Smith
  • Preacher
  • Michael
  • Fellini
  • Gery
  • Ken
  • Richard



Also Known As

  • Парень и его пес (inc)

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