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Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure




Experience a "futuristic" family adventure over the airwaves where anything can happen and your only protection is the remote control. Just when Andy Colby appears destined for another boring day of babysitting, he and his sister Bonnie watch a peculiar and powerful videotape. Andy's little sister is mysteriously sucked into the TV be an evil villain, and he must survive a vortex of car chases, commercials and cartoon calamities in an incredibly awesome adventure to save her!

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Unknown artwork from the movie Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure

Main Cast

  • Andy Colby
  • Bonnie Colby
  • Mrs. Colby
  • Employé du magasin de vidé
  • Lord Chroma
  • The Glitch
  • The Gatekeeper
  • Bionda
  • Space Raider
  • Space Raider
  • Space Raider
  • Space Raider
  • Space Raider
  • Space Raider
  • Kor le Conquérant


Also Known As

  • Andy and the Airwave Rangers (inc)
  • Andy Colby's Incredible Video Adventure (inc)
  • Andy Colby's Incredibly Awesome Adventure (inc)

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