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The Android Affair




Karen Garrett, a promising young doctor, is assigned to perform a difficult operation on Teach, an advanced android who has never "blanked" (had his memory erased.) She soon realizes that Teach is much more than an assignment, and is drawn to his desire for a very human life. When Karen takes Teach into the outside world, they soon discover that there is something far more mysterious and dangerous than a medical experiment planned for them...

Us release date: April 12, 1995

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Unknown poster from the TV movie The Android Affair

Main Cast

  • Karen Garrett
  • Teach / William
  • Dr. Winston
  • Fiedler
  • Thomas Benti
  • Rachel Tyler
  • Alexx
  • Gunther
  • Palmer
  • Teach 1
  • Dr. Bennett
  • Infirmière Gridley
  • Allen
  • Visiteur n°1
  • Peter


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