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Amazon Women on the Moon




In this irreverent spoof of late-night television, humorous sketches mock varying forms of the media and other 1980s phonemena. Excruciatingly funny sketches include B.B. King making a public plea for "Blacks Without Soul," featuring the insipid talents of Don "No Soul" Simmons, as well as wacky spoofs of 1950s black-and-white films, including "Son of the Invisible Man," starring Ed Begley Jr. as the batty son who firmly believes he is as invisible as his father--except that everyone can see him--and "2 I.D.s," starring Rosanna Arquette and Steve Guttenberg as yuppies on a disastrous blind date. Everything from tabloid vignettes, 1950s sci-fi films, late-night porn, and infomercials are spoofed in this star-studded collection of skits...

Us release date: September 18, 1987

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Us poster from the movie Amazon Women on the Moon

Main Cast

  • Apartment Victim (segment "M
  • Easterbrook (segment "Pethou
  • Taryn Steele (segment "Petho
  • Murray (segment "Murray in V
  • Selma (segment "Murray in Vi
  • Weatherperson (segment "Murr
  • Floor Manager (segment "Murr
  • Baseball Announcer (segment
  • Anchorman (segment "Murray i
  • Mary Brown (segment "Reckles
  • Brenda Landers (segment "Hos
  • Harry Landers (segment "Hosp
  • Docteur (segment "Hospital")
  • Nurse (segment "Hospital")
  • Sy Swerdlow (segment "Hairlo

Also Known As

  • Амазонки на Луне (inc)
  • Hairlooming (us)
  • Hospital (us)
  • Kentucky Fried Sequel (us)
  • Pethouse Video (us)
  • Peter Pan Theater (us)
  • Murray in Videoland (us)
  • Mondo Condo (us)
  • French Ventriloquist's Dummy (us)
  • First Lady of the Evening (us)
  • Critics' Corner (us)
  • Bullshit or Not (us)
  • Blacks Without Soul (us)
  • Baloney or Not? (us)
  • Art Sale (us)
  • Antony & Cleopatra (us)
  • Reckless Youth (us)
  • Roast Your Loved One (us)
  • Silly Pâté (us)
  • Son of the Invisible Man (us)
  • The Best Movie Ever Made (us)
  • The Unknown Soldier (us)
  • Titan Man (us)
  • Two I.D.s (us)
  • Video Date (us)

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