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In space, officer Ellen Ripley and the cat Jones drift in a rescue capsule. They are the only two survivors of the Nostromo's tragedy, a commercial freighter whose crew was decimated by a bloody monster during its return to Earth.

Ripley testifies about the fight of the Nostromo's crew against the monstrous Alien, but members of the corporate commission have have difficulty believing her, particularly as colonists who have since settled on the planet have not reported any such aliens. However, once communication with the Acheron colonists is lost, a military expedition is authorized to investigate the situation. Ripley, tortured by horrible nightmares, accepts the company's offer to return to Acheron with the scientific counselor Burke, the android Bishop and a commando of Marine corps. (correction Myriad)
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British release date: August 29, 1986
Us release date: July 18, 1986

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Us poster from the movie Aliens

Main Cast

  • Ripley
  • Newt
  • Corporal Hicks
  • Burke
  • Bishop
  • Private Hudson
  • Lieutenant Gorman
  • Private Vasquez
  • Sergeant Apone
  • Private Drake
  • Private Frost
  • Corporal Ferro
  • Private Spunkmeyer
  • Corporal Dietrich
  • Private Crowe

Also Known As

  • Alien II (inc)
  • Chuzhoy (inc)
  • Чужиe (inc)
  • Alien 2 (us)

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