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Alien Siege




A hostile alien race demands that millions of human lives be sacrificed in order to save their species from a deadly virus. Every country in the world must surrender some citizens or face worldwide destruction. Anyone unlucky enough to be selected is dead within 24 hours, rendered into liquid; which is then sent back to the alien world. Stephen Chase joins a group of resistance fighters, led by general Skyler, to try and save his daughter who has been choosen for this unlucky lottery... » Get more informations…

Us release date: February 26, 2005

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Unknown poster from the TV movie Alien Siege

Main Cast

  • Dr. Stephen Chase
  • Heather Chase
  • Blair
  • Commander Kor
  • Alex
  • Jal
  • The President
  • Général Skyler
  • Drom
  • Leon Royce
  • Tom
  • Holbrook
  • Dr. Baker
  • Foster
  • Holland

Also Known As

  • Alien Blood (us)

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