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Alien Seed




Mary Gordon, an innocent eighteen-years-old, finds herself unexplainably impregnated after a mysterious eleven-hour disappearance in the country. Investigations undervover a complex alien scheme to deliver a "messiah" to save the Earth from mankind's corruption. MJ-12, a secret government agency studying UFOs, wants to kidnap Mary and control the child for its own purposes. But Dr. Stone wants the child dead... at any cost.
When Mary turns up brutally murdered, her sister Lisa vows revenge... only to find herself the new target for the alien conception...

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Unknown poster from the movie Alien Seed

Main Cast

  • Dr. Stone
  • Lisa Jordan
  • Mark Timmons
  • Mary Jordan
  • Rev. Bolam
  • Gen. Dole
  • Maj. Wilson
  • Dr. Gabriel
  • Heavy n°1
  • Petite amie du Coach Day
  • Officier Jim Davis
  • Secrétaire de Bolam
  • Alien n°1
  • Alien n°3
  • Alien n°4

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