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Alien Fury: Countdown to Invasion




A hoax becomes a dangerous reality in this made-for-cable sci-fi thriller. Bill Templer is an agent with a secret intelligence faction who, in an effort to attract attention away from his latest assignment, pulls a massive con on the American mass media -- he concocts realistic but phony evidence that shows a squadron of aliens from another world are poised to attack the Earth. The scheme not only fools most Americans, but even the President of the United States, who in retaliation schedules the launch of a satellite that can be used to launch nuclear missiles against invading spacecraft. Despite the skill of Templer's forgery, Kevin Anjenatte (Dondre T. Whitfield), a police investigator, discovers evidence that Templer's evidence is phony, and Templer and security chief Ava Zurich set out to silence the detective before his story gets out. But as Templer and Anjenatte play a deadly game of cat and mouse, Anjenatte learns that an armada of alien spacecraft really is poised to attack the Earth, and they have to be stopped (and the launch of the offensive satellite weapon must be scrapped) before it's too late. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Us release date: April 21, 2000

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Alien Fury: Countdown to Invasion

Main Cast

  • Bill Templer
  • Kevin Anjanette
  • B.J. McQueen
  • Ava Zurich
  • Jack le Realitor
  • Dr. Sydney Templer
  • Laird Jones
  • Jamison Collier
  • Kendra Van Dillion
  • Secrétaire à la Defense
  • Général
  • Général
  • Eddie Yamada
  • Trish Collier
  • Andy Collier


$17 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$183 316 000

Also Known As

  • Countdown to Invasion (int)
  • Alien Fury (us)

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