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Spaceship "Nostromo" is on course back to earth after collecting ore from a planet of another system. During their flight Mother, the central computer of the Nostromo, receives an S.O.S. message. The seven members of the crew: Dallas, Ripley, Lambert, Brett, Kane, Ash and Parker - five men and two women - are awoken from suspended animation to land on the planet from where the signal is radiating.

During their exploration of a grounded alien vessel on the planet's surface the crew discovers a hall full of eggs. One of them opens. When Kane approaches the egg, a creature jumps onto his face, perforating his helmet but keeping him alive. Despite the quarantine procedure, Ash, the doctor of the crew, lets them back on board with the extremely dangerous creature...
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British release date: September 13, 1979
Us release date: May 25, 1979
Us release date: June 22, 1979

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Us poster from the movie Alien


$11 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$203 630 000

Also Known As

  • Alien - El octavo pasajero (inc)
  • Alien: The Director's Cut (us)
  • Star Beast (us)

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