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Endangered Species




A deranged Hunter massacres the female clients at a local health spa, and the two police detectives assigned to investigate Sully and Wyznowski, are baffled to find that all the victims have been shot either through the eye or the ear, yet no bullets can be found on their corpses. to complicate matters, some of the victims' bodies have disappeared completely.

When Sully and Wyznowski question the lone survivor of the massacre, they learn that Warden, a mysterious stranger with super-human abilities, also seems to be conducting an investigation. As the two detectives attempt to track down the illusive Warden, the Hunter kills again, this time displaying his own super-human abilities, and leading Sully and Wyznowski to realize that their investigation has only just scratched the surface of a much bigger problem: A secret war is being waged between two alien species, and Earth has become their battleground...

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  • Earth Alien (inc)

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