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Mason Rand is a top-secret weapons specialist, whose job it is to unlock the secrets of the four-billion year old enigma. Solving the puzzle of the secret doorway, he enters a catacomb of power where men are vaporized, machines dominate, and the strange secrets of Earth's ancient history are revealed. Is it the doomsday bomb, an advanced alien life force, or the source of all power in the Universe?

Us release date: November 24, 2001

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Epoch

Main Cast

  • Mason Rand
  • Dr. KC Czaban
  • Allen Lysander
  • Capitaine Tower
  • Colonel Tell
  • Hudson
  • Williams
  • Pamela
  • Dr. Solomon Holt
  • Ambassadeur Po
  • Technicien Contrôle
  • Scientifique chinois
  • Chauffer Rover Joe
  • Scientifique allemand
  • Médecin mexicain

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