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Alien Avengers II




Good-humored Charlie and his effervescent wife, Rhonda, are the alien avengers, inteplanetary visitors who enjoy the dregs of humankind. Paroled from prison, the couple trek to tiny Justice, Arizona, where they hear UFOs have been blamed for a plague of mysterious killings. Meanwhile, their daughter, Daphne, arrives back on Earth with her homesick Earthling lover Joseph, assigned to return her parent to their proper planet. In Justice, they discover that Charlie and Rhonda have found their calling -- they're the new sheriffs in the town.

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French poster from the TV movie Alien Avengers II

Also Known As

  • Aliens Among Us (inc)
  • Roger Corman Presents 'Alien Avengers II' (inc)
  • Welcome to Planet Earth II (inc)

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