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Earth's greatest fear becomes reality when Unidentified Flying objects are finally confirmed. A top secret defence organisation – codenamed SHADO – is established to protect Earth from this powerful alien threat.

The UFO's come from a dying planet millions of light years away, seeking human organs to repair their own decaying bodies. In a raging intergalactic space battle, SHADO attempts to save Earth from this alien terror...
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British release date: September 16, 1970

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Spanish poster from the series UFO

Main Cast

  • Cmdr. Ed Straker
  • Space Intruder Detector SID
  • Nina Barry
  • Col. Paul Foster
  • SHADO Operative
  • Col. Alec Freeman
  • Lt. Keith Ford
  • Joan Harrington
  • Lt. Gay Ellis

Also Known As

  • Н.Л.О. (inc)

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