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Actium Maximus




Turmoil rages in the colony of Actium as assassination attempts, glitter riots and economic collapse all threaten to destroy the colony’s fragile government. The maniacal dictator of the planet, Grand-Automaton Polpox, ignores the looming crisis by indulging in the Actium Maximus Karnivale, a gruesome competition where alien dinosaurs fight to the death, much to the delight of the ignorant colony citizens. Meanwhile, Omni-Turor Axezun is sent by the Grand Automaton to the farthest ends of the universe on a mission to retrieve additional creatures for the Karnivale. During the hunt, Axezun and his band of poachers find an ancient crashed spaceship that may be the remains of a dead god. Inside the bowels of the wreck, they find an ancient alien riddle that will change life throughout the galaxy forever!

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