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Mutant Action




In a future world ruled by good-looking people, a terrorist group of mutants leaded by Ramon Yarritu kidnap the daughter of Orujo, a rich businessman, to claim for the rights of the ugly people. Escaping from the police in their spaceship, Ramon try to kill his gang in order to get all the ransom. The trip ends abruptly when they crash in Axturiax, the planet of the crazy miners where no woman lives...

Spanish release date: February 03, 1993
French release date: December 01, 1993
British release date: September 17, 1993

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French poster from the movie Mutant Action (Acción mutante)

Main Cast

  • Ramón Yarritu
  • Alex Abadie
  • Patricia Orujo
  • Juan Abadie
  • José Óscar 'M
  • César 'Quimicefa&#
  • El ominoso Orujo
  • El presentador loco
  • José 'Chepa'
  • Invitada de lujo
  • Invitada de lujo
  • Luis María de Ostolaza
  • Kaufmann
  • García
  • El abuelo



$2 500 000

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