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The Abyss




When an American nuclear submarine is mysteriously attacked by an unidentified vessel, the crew of Deepcore - an underwater oil drilling platform - reluctantly agrees to investigate the wreckage. But 2,000 feet down they discover the sub poised on the craggy brink of the Caymen Trough - an Abyss some 2½ miles deep. So begins an incredible adventure as the crew are thrust into the black heart of the Abyss to confront a force so awesome, so powerful that it could destroy mankind itself, and they realise that they alone can save the world from the terrifying secret that lies deep within the Abyss...

British release date: October 13, 1989
Us release date: August 09, 1989

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Unknown poster from the movie The Abyss

Main Cast

  • Virgil 'Bud' Brigman
  • Lindsey Brigman
  • Lt. Hiram Coffey
  • Catfish De Vries
  • Alan 'Hippy' Carnes
  • Jammer Willis
  • Sonny Dawson
  • Lisa 'One Night' Standing
  • Lew Finler
  • Wilhite
  • Schoenick
  • Enseigne Monk
  • Dwight Perry
  • Leland McBride
  • DeMarco

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