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In 2001, the crew of the spaceship 'Discovery' had discovered a strange black monolith; in spite of the intense study of the monolith, its secrets were not forthcoming. Worse, the onboard computer Hal 9000, had taken possession of the ship, killing the astronauts one after another except Commander David Bowman, but no one knows what has become of him.

Nine years later, a Russian/American expedition attempt to discover the mystery on board the 'Leonov', led by Captain Tanya Kirbuk. On board are three Americans : Doctor Heywood Floyd, who had been held responsible for the disappearance of the 'Discovery', the engineer Walter Curnow, and the Doctor Chandra, father of Hal 9000...
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British release date: March 05, 1985
Us release date: December 07, 1984

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Us poster from the movie 2010

Main Cast

  • Dr. Heywood Floyd
  • Dr. Walter Curnow
  • Tanya Kirbuk
  • Dr. R. Chandra
  • Dave Bowman
  • HAL 9000 (voix)
  • Caroline Floyd
  • Dimitri Moisevitch
  • Christopher Floyd
  • Victor Milson
  • Betty Fernandez, Bowman'
  • Maxim Brajlovsky
  • Dr. Vladimir Rudenko
  • Dr. Vasili Orlov
  • Irina Yakunina


$28 000 000

Also Known As

  • Космическая одиссея 2010 (inc)
  • 2010: The Year We Make Contact (inc)
  • 2010: Odyssey Two (us)

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