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2009 Lost Memories




In an alternate future, Japan has won World War II, and has chaged the future as we know it. The outcome has had a great impact on everything, and it’s a completely different world in 2009 Lost Memories. It is a world in which Japan now has Korea under it’s sphere of influence. An artifact exhibition hosted by the Inoue Foundation is layed seige to for an unknown purpose by an underground Korean anti-government group called the Hureisenjin. The two JBI (Japanese Bureau of Investigation) agents assigned to deal with the terrorist situation are special agents Sakamoto Masayuki and his close friend Saigo Shojiro.

South korean release date: February 01, 2002

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South korean poster from the movie 2009 Lost Memories (2009: Lost Memories)

Main Cast

  • Sakamoto
  • Saigo
  • Haerin
  • Takahashi
  • Elder
  • Myunghak
  • Myunghak / CLA Goatee (voice
  • Surveillance (voice: English
  • Yuriko (voice: English versi
  • Haerin (voice: English versi
  • ...
  • Narrator (voice: English ver
  • Junhwan / Barkeep 1 (voice:
  • Hideyo / Young Council / Bar
  • ...



$7 000 000

Also Known As

  • 2009: Khaterate Gom Shode (inc)

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