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Nineteen Eighty-Four




Winston works in the Records Department for the Ministry of Truth as part of the vast social caste known as the Outer Party. As a government employee, his job is to modify historical news archives for consistency when he discovers undeniable evidence that the Party is lying. Along his journey of self-questioning, he falls in love with Julia and that is against the rules...Exploring the blur between propaganda and truth, the two set off on an irreversible course of discovery all while Big Brother is Watching Them... (Josh)

British release date: December 12, 1954

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Main Cast

  • Winston Smith
  • O'Brien
  • Julia Dixon
  • Syme
  • Emmanuel Goldstein
  • Parsons
  • Mrs. Parsons
  • Parsons Girl
  • Parsons Boy
  • Woman Supervisor
  • First Youth
  • Second Youth
  • Third Youth
  • First Man
  • Second Man


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$4 000

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