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Man from Atlantis



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Unknown artwork from the series Man from Atlantis

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1 - Man from Atlantis

Original title : Man from Atlantis
First Aired : 04.03.1977 (USA)
Director : Lee H. Katzin
Writing credits : Mayo Simon
Cast : Marguerite LeLain (First Receptionist), Trudy Marshall (Woman at Party), Michael J. London (Popeye), Robert Dore (Diver), Connie Izay (First Nurse), Judd Laurance (Intern), Jim Chandler (Man on Beach), Patricia Anderson (Second , Receptionist), Akemi Kikumura (Third Receptionist), Larry Holt (Ambulance Driver), Peter Weiss (Test Lab Assistant), Robert Phalen (Habitat Technician), Phillip Rowe (Intern), Cheryl Robinson (X-Ray Technician), Scott Stevenson (Boy on Beach)

The Story : After a violent storm at sea, the inert body of a man is found on the beach near the Naval Undersea Center. But this is no ordinary man. Equipped with webbed hands and gills instead of lungs, he can breathe underwater, swim faster than a dolphin and dive to incredible depths. He is nursed back to health by Doctor Elizabeth Merrill and given the name Mark Harris. In return Mark agrees to work for the Foundation of Ocean Research and his first assignment is to seek out a missing submarine carrying top military officials. Swimming to incredible depths, Mark discovers an enormous undersea habitat constructed by Mr. Schubert, a maniacal scientist who plans to destroy all the nations of the world with their own nuclear weapons through an ingenious method of mind control.

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22 votes

2 - The Death Scouts

Original title : The Death Scouts
First Aired : 07.05.1977 (USA)
Director : Marc Daniels
Writing credits : Robert Lewin
Cast : Kenneth Tigar (Dr. Miller Simon), Annette Cardona (Ginny Mendoza), Burr DeBenning (Xos/Chazz), Alan Mendell (Grant Stockwood), Tiffany Bolling (Lioa/Dilly)

The Story : Mark investigates the disappearance of three scuba divers and becomes involved with a pair of aliens who are the advance force of an alien invasion.

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7 votes

3 - Killer Spores

Original title : Killer Spores
First Aired : 17.05.1977 (USA)
Director : Reza Badiyi
Writing credits : John D.F. Black
Cast : Ivan Bonar (Edwin Shirley), Fred Beir (Sub Captain), James B. Sikking (Colonel Manzone), Kenneth Tigar (Dr. Miller Simon)

The Story : When a space capsule crashes in the ocean near the Cetacean, Mark and Elizabeth agree to investigate. When they arrive Mark is rendered unconscious by a screeching sound. They discover hundreds of strange, blue, intelligent spores that take over Mark's body attempting to find a way back into space. However they don't know Mark will die if he does not return to water within a few hours.

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2 votes

4 - The Disappearances

Original title : The Disappearances
First Aired : 12.06.1977 (USA)
Director : Charles S. Dubin
Writing credits : Luther Murdoch, Jerry Sohl
Cast : Kenneth Tigar (Dr. Miller Simon), Darleen Carr (Dr. Mary Smith), Pamela Peters Solow (Jane Smith), Dennis Redfield (Dick Redstone), Ivor Francis (Dr. Medlow), Fred Beir (Sub Captain), Ruth Manning (Clara)

The Story : A demented scientist, Dr. Mary Smith, abducts and drugs top scientists from around the world -- including Elizabeth Merrill -- to work on a secret project.

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