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Unknown artwork from the movie Moonbase
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review of Vin Gilio (8/10)

December 20, 2011 --- Spoiler ---

While by no means is MOONBASE a big, budget fx spectacle, the film does what sci-fi does best: it tells a story about the human condition before an other-worldly backdrop.

Simply put, we meet a man who has retreated from the world (quite literally) to protect the one he loves. Taking a job at a garbage dump on the far side of the moon, he is discarded by society as well. But when a small band of criminals escapes from an orbiting penitentiary and invades his isolated sanctuary, he has to decide whether to retreat further into his self-imposed exile, or step forward and take a stand, whatever the cost.

Ultimately, he decides that heroic self-sacrifice is the only path to redemption, and in risking everything, he regains everything he had lost.

If this production had commanded a larger budget (for more convincing special fx or for some marquee actors) I suspect we would have heard more about this rough, little gem of a space western. The story, direction and photography are better than average B-movie fare, but lack the support of those elements that audiences have come to expect from science fiction these days.

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