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Universal Soldier




Number of reviews: 1
Total points: 10
Average: 10.00/10

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Unknown poster from the movie Universal Soldier
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review of Le926 (10/10)

April 17, 2002

This Movie is TOP !!!!!! I'm telling you, Jean- Claude van Damme is so good.... I really love that guy, he fights like the best!!! No, wait.. he IS the best! And this movie relly kicks ass, you know. This movie is so hott. It gets only hotter when he shows us his naked butt. It's to bad he's in the 40, He used to be so HOT!!! But the movie. It's great! It's a great movie i love this movie, i really like it! It's funny and tough and cool and hot... Well, go on go on.... I suggest you WATCH this movie if you haven't doen it yet... It's so hot...