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Space: Above and Beyond




Number of reviews: 2
Total points: 15
Average: 7.50/10

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Unknown artwork from the series Space: Above and Beyond
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review of Tracy (5/10)

December 31, 2000

I would just like to say, that space above and beyond was a welcome change to most of sci fi on tv today.It was original, With it,s AI,s(artificial intelligence.) it,s Tanks (people who are made and born in big test tubes,) and also the Chigs (allien race.) It has great graphics, and a good story line. I watched it every week it was on, right to the end series when we were left with this great big cliff hanger. Is it coming back on, you know you watch the show you get to know the people, and everything is what you want it to be then people start to go missing, or assumed dead, and thats that. What happens next? is there a part two? It is a great show, but now i feel like iv'e wasted time watching it because there is no part two. So if there is a part two please tell me. Thanks...

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