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First Men in the Moon



First Men in the Moon

(First Men in the Moon)
2.5 rating star score

A movie directed by Nathan Juran
1964 - 103 minutes - Color - Mono - 2.20 : 1
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Number of reviews: 1
Total points: 5
Average: 5.00/10

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Us poster from the movie First Men in the Moon
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review of No Name (5/10)

April 27, 2002

this was a great movie, it has great graphics, and the actors pull it all together despite a poor script. the special effects are awesome, if you didn't see this one in the theaters, rent it, or buy it just see it,you wont be disapointed! get the popcorn, and i'll see you at the movies. i'll be seeing this one again and again, its my favorite, and i'm sure it will be one of yours too. you'll be writing a review yourself, cause its a great movie, don't forget to check out all the great movies here. and you'll be back for one more, see ya at the movies!