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Forbidden Planet




Number of reviews: 2
Total points: 13
Average: 6.50/10

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review of Ken Tajalli (8/10)

November 24, 2006

A "science fiction" movie or story , should not be judged, solely on the merits of its "special effects", if it was the case then "Fantastic Four 2005" would qualify as one of the best movies ever!By the virtue of "science" combined by "fiction", a movie or story should take us to a parallel world , so believable and so fantastic ( not just fantastic and Unbelievable ) that should give us food for thought ! This is where "Forbidden Planet " (badly named) excels.
Planet Altair 4 is believable, so are ex-habitants the Krell.
Dr. Morbious, is very passionate about his discovery , its magnitude and implications of its release to Earth, yet he is blinded to the reasons to Krells ultimate demise ! Why ? he does not want to believe the truth! that he has opened the Pandora's box ! and he is to blame ...
Decades ahead of its time, with wonderful special effects by Disney Studios ! A serious piece of Sci-Fi ....

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