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Plan 9 from Outer Space



Plan 9 from Outer Space

(Plan 9 from Outer Space)
3.0 rating star score

A movie directed by Edward D. Wood Jr.
1959 - 79 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.33 : 1
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Number of reviews: 2
Total points: 13
Average: 6.50/10

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review of Ry the Sci-fi guy (5/10)

March 17, 2002

Plan 9 from Outer Space(1959) Rating:*
Dir: EdwardWood Jr. Starring: Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, Lyle Talbot, Vampira Criswell.
Genre: Sci-fi Run. Time: 78 min.

Traditionally cited as the worst film ever made, Plan 9 has the worst acting, specal effects (nothing special about them), and overall storyline. It incorporates several bizarre subplots which as noncomplex as seem to be, are hard to follow due to the abstract flm direction of Ed Wood Jr. Watch this flick only for its sci-fi schmaltz and unintended hilarity 'cause that's all you'll get out of it.

Fun Fact: After Bela Lugosi died during the production of this film, he was replaced with a nonlook-alike covered in a cape.

Fun Fact #2: In one scene, Tor Johnson is running through a graveyard. You can actually see the floor bouncing as he runs across and to top that, a prop headstone falls over. Worst of all, the director did not rectify these shameful errors thinking the viewers would focus on the foreground and not the background. Talk about frugal!

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