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Pitch Black




Number of reviews: 1
Total points: 8
Average: 8.00/10

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review of CerTOTx3 (8/10)

November 15, 2001

I am a true sci-fi buff. I saw this movie in the theatres. Granted I really had no idea what it was that I was going to see. I was wonderfully suprised. The graphics were astounding! The ship crash was one of the most realistic I had seen in regards to breaking apart on landing. Naturally the space/planet shots were breath-taking. Now to my favorite part, the aliens. Very creative design, believable movement and quite scary (I love the group attacks). The plot line was a bit on the shallow side but suspending societies need for soap-opera plot lines in every movie, I loved it. This was a great movie of human survival under the worst circumstances. And true to the negative human spirit... only the strongest survive (or those who can run and duck really fast!