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The Magnetic Monster




Number of reviews: 2
Total points: 9
Average: 4.50/10

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review of Kevin J.Weeks (5/10)

May 01, 2003

This 1950's A-MEN film, although very under rated, has become ,"in my heart", a classic of Science Fiction film. Richard Carlson, and the rest of the cast of the film; had to use original methods to subdue out of control nuclear particles. In the form of a difficult substance to study in nuclear physics, " meatl".
" Remember Doctor In the feild of nuclear physics, there is no place for lone wolves "
...... the professor.
" Remember to keep it under constant electrical charge,"
" Why ,"
" It's Hungry, if it's not fed regularly.... it will reach out with its magnetic hand and , Kill anything within it's reach'....

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