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The Magnetic Monster




Number of reviews: 2
Total points: 9
Average: 4.50/10

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review of No Name (4/10)

June 09, 2002

The Magnetic Monster was to be the first in a series of science fiction films from “the files” of a fictitious UK organization called The Office of Scientific Investigation (O.S.I.). A second film GOG (1954) was made, but the series was discontinued. The concept of a series of stories built around a similar organization again emerged in the 1990’s as The Psi Factor. Each story followed the investigations of a fictitious UK organization called The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.) into incidents that are in some way out of the ordinary, be they human teleportations, strange creatures, UFOs or ghosts. Sound a lot like the X-Files?

In the new world of nuclear energy and space science (early 50’s), the Government has created a new department… the OSI: Office of Science Investigation; it is run by A-Men (I presume that means Atomic Men…sort of like they called the FBI G-Men.) It seems as though a scientist has created a new element that is invisible, magnetic…and radioactive. The A-Men transfer it to the cyclotron at the state university. Upon destroying the cyclotron, the scientists realize that it is growing! There is only one chance to save the world, and that is to get the element to the Deltatron in Canada. Once there they can overfeed the element with energy and choke it to death. Can they make it in time? They need 900,000,000 volts… the Deltatron has a safe operational limit of 600,000,000 volts. Will the Deltatron be enough?

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