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The Thing from Another World




Number of reviews: 4
Total points: 27
Average: 6.75/10

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review of J. Gilliam (10/10)

April 06, 2001

CLASSIC SCI-FI!!!I saw this movie when I was still in single digits and thought it was okay.I think this had a lot to do with seeing J. Carpenter's version(GREAT MOVIE)around the same time. Having watched this movie several times since then I've come to realize how great a movie it really is. The story about an artic outpost with scientists and millitary personnel discovering a "thing from another world" in the snow delivers classic sci-fi chills. While the costume of James Arnez(THE THING) doesn't stand up to many of the visions today,the direction, quick dialogue and good story more than make up for it.If you were to poll today's scince fiction writers and movie makers , many would tell you this is the best sci-fi movie ever.I am currently searching for this movie on dvd and would recommend this movie to anyone.

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