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Babylon 5




Number of reviews: 2
Total points: 14
Average: 7.00/10

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Unknown poster from the series Babylon 5
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review of No Name (9/10)

September 21, 2001

I have never seen any better science fiction or fantasy series than BABYLON 5. You will surely ask, how I come to this judgement. Well, this series has elements of many different kinds of genres. Sometimes it is a thriller, sometimes the whole episode is about a philosophic question and sometimes it is just a very good action-series. But this great series is always realistic. There are a lot of science fiction series on the world, but many of them have no high quality. Surely everybody can have his or her own opinion of B5, but in MY opinion BABYLON 5 was, is and will be the best of all science fiction series. You can't describe BABYLON 5, you must simply watch it...