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The Ewok Adventure




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Us poster from the TV movie The Ewok Adventure
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review of No Name (1/10)

August 21, 2002

Interplanetary minivan (almost like an early Star Trek shuttlecraft) crashes into Endor. I guess the Empire isn't THAT bad if an average family of four can hop from planet to planet to do the grocery shopping. (Hell, in America, you have to go through all kinds of security checks just to enter the atmosphere!)

Anyway...I don't remember much about the movie except that it was a huge ripoff and not even up to the quality of the Ewoks cartoons which came later. However, it's a bad idea for video stores NOT to have this one on their shelves...if Star Wars geeks will eat up dreck like Ep 1 & 2, this could be a $300M picture in general release!

(P.S. Remember when Star Wars geeks were cooler than Star Trek geeks?)