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No Escape




Number of reviews: 1
Total points: 6
Average: 6.00/10

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review of Paolo Marcenaro (6/10)

December 31, 2003

I saw this movie with a friend when it was distributed in Italy. It came out in summer (until some years ago we were spared from the fad of launching blockbusters in july-august, like in america....yeeech!) so the theatre was pretty deserted and we could enjoy it in total peace and relaxation, it's a very solid flick with no artsy 'escapades' but a lot of attention on charachters, their interaction and development. Liotta shows his mettle, for once we can see Lance Henriksen as a 'good' guy (only other example his role as Bishop in ALIENS) and even the youngster that longs to become our hero's 'robin' (much to his aversion...;-) puts up a decent performance. The best sequence is the forced duel between him and the main charachter, a bit reminiscent of Kubrick's confrontation between Douglas Sr. and Tony Curtis in 'Spartacus'. After all a satisying view that delivers what one can expect showing that the art of solid genre moviemaking was not totally dead even in the US...until a decade ago.

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