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28 Days Later




Number of reviews: 1
Total points: 9
Average: 9.00/10

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review of William Shatner DVD Club (9/10)

May 01, 2006

Although its title might lead you to believe that they actually made a sequel to the Sandra Bullock movie about alcoholism, 28 Days Later is anything but a journey through rehab. In fact, the disturbing, grotesque nature of the film makes rehab look like a peaceful picnic at the zoo. well, just as long as there aren't monkeys at that zoo.The recipe for 28 Days Later is quite simple: half Outbreak, half Night of the Living Dead, and maybe a dash or two of Planet of the Apes. While the ingredients are familiar, thankfully, director Danny Boyle, who also helmed the bizarre Trainspotting, contributes his own unique seasonings, turning this acidic dish into a journey through hell-on-earth.

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