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Star Trek: Nemesis




Shinzon - Star Trek: Nemesis (Star Trek: Nemesis)


Us poster from the movie Star Trek: Nemesis

The Story

The Federation is about to encounter its greatest challenge – The Romulans want peace. Conceived in the regal senate halls of Romulus and forged in the dilithium mines of Remus, comes a nemesis bent on destroying Picard… and the entire Federation.

The Enterprise crew on the bridge again - Star Trek: Nemesis

The Enterprise crew on the bridge again

Ordered by Starfleet to be the first line of diplomacy in ushering in a new era for the Federation, the crew of the USS Enterprise-E is dispatched to Romulus for an unexpected peace mission. Once in the shadow of the Romulan Empire, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew are thrust into the center of a plot that could lead to the destruction of Earth at the hands of a new and chilling nemesis.

Romulan invade the Enterprise - Star Trek: Nemesis

Romulan invade the Enterprise

Data will have to face his double - Star Trek: Nemesis

Data will have to face his double

Shinzon - Star Trek: Nemesis