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1 - Episode 1

Season #1, episode #1/6

Original title : Episode 1
First Aired : 12.11.2009 (UK)(E4) - 14.11.2010 (FRANCE)(Orange Cinéchoc)
Director : Tom Green (II)
Writing credits : Howard Overman
Cast : Benjamin Smith (I) (Lee), Josef Altin (Gary), Danny Sapani (Tony), Louis Decosta Johnson (Psychotic , Tony), Phil Daniels (Voice of Keith The Dog), Michelle Fairley (Louise), Alex Reid (I) (Sally)

The Story : Six young adults arrive at a community centre to complete their community service, a few hours into the service a storm arrives and hits five of them with lightning causing strange new powers to present themselves.Unfortunately they aren't the only ones affected as they soon find out.


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