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4 - Bellieved to be Suffering

Season #1, episode #4/6

Original title : Bellieved to be Suffering
First Aired : 08.08.1953 (UK)
Director : Rudolph Cartier
Writing credits : Nigel Kneale
Cast : John Glen, Ian Colin, Frank Hawkins, Hugh Kelly, Paul Whitsun-Jones, Oliver Johnston, Philip Vickers, Katie Johnson, Lewis Wilson, Darrell Runey (Photograph), Jack Rodney (Ramsay), Anthony Green (Young Boy), Richard Cuthbert (Chemist), Lee Fox (Cinema Owner), Janet Joye (Cinemagoer), Bernadette Milnes (Usherette), Keith Herrington ('Space Lieutenant'), Pauline Johnson ('Space Girl').

The Story : Carroon had been acting very strangely towards a cactus before the kidnap, and Judith claims his arm had changed. Carroon escapes the kidnappers and goes into hiding in London as Lomax mounts a search for him. A young boy helps him hide in a cinema, and then Carroon makes for a chemists.