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Charlie Jade



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1 - The Big Bang

Season #1, episode #1/20

Original title : The Big Bang
First Aired : 16.04.2005 (CANADA) - 07.01.2006 (FRANCE)
Director : T.J. Scott
Writing credits : Stephen Zollar, Robert Wertheimer
Cast : Graham Clarke (Brion Boxer), David Dennis (Sew Sew Tukarrs) , Greg Latter (P.J.), Emily Gambade (Katie Grayle), Michael Copley (Elliot Krogg), Claire Berlein (Karen), Robyn Scott (Stillman), Augusto Palacios (Bern), Bonnie Mbuli (Louis 'Papa Louis' St. Jacques), Eve Szapira (Mona), Abey Xakwe (Dotts), Anneke Weidemann (Jody), Sean Michael (Barry), Willie Fritz (Counter Man), Dan Hurst (Security Guard), Mo Marais (Miner #1), Patrick Walton (Miner #2)

The Story : While on the hunt for the killer of a woman with no identity, an explosion from a covert desert operation propels Detective Charlie Jade into a strange parallel universe.


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