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14 - Blowback

Season #1, episode #14/18

Original title : Blowback
First Aired : 02.11.2010 (USA) - 10.07.2011 (FRANCE)(SyFy)
Director : Omar Madha
Writing credits : Kevin Murphy
Cast : Christopher Heyerdahl (Kevin Reikle), Ryan Robbins (Diego), Peter Wingfield (Gara Singh), Jorge Montesi (Guatrau)

The Story : Lacy arrives at Gemenon and on the way to the training retreat, she and the new recruits were high-jacked by another ship who claim to be devotees of multiple gods. Daniel discovers that the Guatrau is using Graystone Industries to support STO terrorist activities in exchange for money. Clarice finally gets her hands on Zoe's pin, where a back-up of her program might be stored, by using her secret STO contact in the GDD, which in turn caused his cover to be exposed.


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