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13 - False Labor

Season #1, episode #13/18

Original title : False Labor
First Aired : 26.10.2010 (USA) - 10.07.2011 (FRANCE)(SyFy)
Director : John Dahl
Writing credits : Michael Taylor
Cast : Julius Chapple (Larry), Vincent Tong (Demos), Teryl Rothery (Evelyn), Hiro Kanagawa (Cyrus Xander), Jorge Montesi (Guatrau), Anita Torrance (Mar-Beth)

The Story : Amanda has just moved into Clarice's home, but she's having trouble bonding with the rest of Clarice's family. Daniel is frustrated with the superficiality of his wife's avatar and misses the real deal. And Sam uses Daniel's invention to settle a personal score with a fellow Tauron.


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