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Some rules for adding a synopsis

For the contributors who so wish, it is now possible to propose a synopsis of titles that don't have any. In order for your texts to be validated, we kindly request you to follow some rules of good use:

1 - Your text must be personal and not be copied in an existing article written by another people whatever the original media was.

2 - Your text must comprise between 200 and 1500 characters long.

3 - Take the greatest care in the writing of your text. Are systematically refused, texts written in bad English or containing bad vocabulary, SMS style or texts containing too many errors.

4 - In this heading, please do not analyze or give your opinion on the film or the series, dot not ever talk about the play of the actors or about the technical crew. If you want to do this, please move to the appropriate heading.

5 - By submitting your text, you tacitly accept its whole and free use on SCIFI-MOVIES. You can withdraw it whenever you want, just ask!